Here to post up information about our products

  • Hello,

    I wanted to post up and say hi! I am here to do my best to answer questions/concerns about our products which we offer for the MPS 3/MPS 6.

    A little about myself, I am one of the owners of CorkSport which we started in 1998. I have owned a wide range of Mazdas from 323GTX to B2600 trucks, Rx7s, Mazdaspeed 3s. etc. I have one of the new 2016 MX5s on order right now and I drive the shop Mazdaspeed 3 when it is not taken apart for product development. I also race the CorkSport Mazda 2 in SCCA B-Spec for the last 4 years now. The picture below is from the 2014 SCCA Runoffs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

    [Blockierte Grafik:]