2010+ 3 MPS - Stage 2

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    • 2010+ 3 MPS - Stage 2

      Hi, guys !

      I am new to this forum and please excuse my lack of german language undestanding. I hope I will be able to find answers and help for my ride around here. In Romania there are very few mps (mine was the fist one in Romania in 2010) and so there is no market for aftermarket parts, no tunners that know the particularities of 2.3disi . I changed one turbine and one short block engine so far due to bad tunning. I have attached some pics with one of my pistons...

      I currently have almost 300 whp, stratified tuned, stock sized CS intake+tip, 3" turbo-back, cp-e TMIC, autotech internals, cp-e RMM, bilstein b14, waiting to intall: ultralegerra 18x8j and federal 595rs-r.

      Most of the upgrades I got from the states, but the long transit made ME wonder if there aren't any distributors within Europe, with comparable prices.

      I am now looking for 3.5" intake (HTP preferably), Bosch 3bar MAP sensor and the adapter cable, transmission mount (after installing the motor mount, the transmission mount took the heat and cracked).

      Would any of you might be able to point ME in the right direction to talk to people that might have this kind of parts ?

      Thanks a lot !
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    • Thanks guys for the warm welcome !

      I am still on stock turbo. I was lucky all the broken parts were subject to warranty due to my close friendship with the dealership's directors. All the mods I installed there. They were the ones to tell ME that my piston broke down because of the aggresive timing (powerful detonation). After this I decided to go with e-tuners.

      I wanted to go big turbo, but Lex from Stratified told ME there are still some whp to gain from the stock turbo, around 15whp, in the current setup.
      That is how I learned that my intake readings are close to stock and better flow from a larger intake could help a lot.

      And now I am searching for solution to this. A bigger intake needs a bigger MAP sensor. The Bosch sensor need some adapter cable.

      What would be your feed-back regarding my piston ? The local tunner said it was not his fault ! :)
    • A 3.5" intake is way to big for the stock turbo, because da k04 is to small to recieve all the befenfits you could get from a big intake...
      Why do you need a 3bar mapsensor? Are you thinking that you can run over 1.6bar of boost ?

      What i know the k04 is able to do max about 1.2bar...

      Your pistons looks like you were running to much boost and.to much boost means that you charger is just producing very hot air and that gains kr and destroys the pistons...my opinion...

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    • I am not going to stay on stock turbo. I believe the 3.5" would do enough for k04 and be perfect for gtx 28 or 30.

      Since I am going to change the turbo, I don't want to pay again for bigger intake. Same for the MAP sensor, better to take it sooner rather than later, as it would have a slightly smaller impact on budget to add to the intake than to a turbo :)